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Embroidery Shop is simply a trademark for fashion. Our superior collection of fabrics, stylis
tailoring, value and durability parallel with our cooperate values of innovation, dedication, team
work and loyalty;
providing the best customer experience. While we cater with 10 years of excellence, our obsolete target
is to meet the competitive edge in our prices such that we can provide our products at its best value,
satisfying the customer requirements in best possible ways.

All our strengths are tangled together to bring the best output providing complete satisfaction. We focus on
high quality, comfort and style that meet extended customer expectations. With 10 years of learning curve,
we host placing our customer needs at the forefront.E

Embroidery Shop was established in 2010. Over 10 years time, we focus on small business and no job is too small. We saw some small business grow from mini business to bigger business. We pride ourself contribute our part.

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